Saturday, February 21, 2009

Painting Study: White Chair

This little chair started out as a potential subject for a client. It wasn't quite the right fit, but I had the sketch laying around, begging to be taken further.

There is something I was trying to capture with the lighting. This chair is located in the prayer room of a local church here. The room when not being used sits dark and quiet. The natural light filters in weakly - just like how I found it here.

I love the dark shadows contrasted with the cool whites. Even the warm yellow walls appear cool when the winter light illuminates the room.

This was a bit different from my usual chair paintings which are loaded with rich texture. Since this is a 6" x 8" masonite board, I didn't have room to manuver my comb to texture it. This one is done in my smoother daubed paint style.


Joanne said...

I really love this one, Michelle... the blues and greens create a calm, peaceful atmosphere. The perspective is really nice.. looking down at the chair. I like, too, that the proportions of the chair are correct. When I see paintings with incorrect proportions, there is something inside of me which is jarred and uncomfortable. This one is beautiful!

Michelle said...

Thanks - I really enjoyed painting it. I tried hard to keep it from getting wonky - that is a wierd angle to connect things with.