Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sketchbook: Bird

The bird obsession has been manifesting again - have you noticed? I must be eagerly awaiting spring when our feather friends return en masse.

I was trying for a few things with this sketch. I wanted to convey "soft and round" on the bird, I wanted a strong linear component, and I wanted to play with the foliage background.

The bird definitely has a body that speaks of its three dimensional qualities - there is a pudginess to the under wing area that is almost irresistible to me. It actually reminds me of the lower trunk and leg area of Donald Duck (this sounds weird but I have always admired the simplicity in which they conveyed duck-like plumpness there - find a picture and see for yourself. Brilliant.)

The heavy outline I just wanted for the pure graphic qualities it brings. Just brings the duck out from the sketchy background and simplifies the lines. I like that it adds another level of contrast, deep black line, bright white body, implied gray of the foliage.

The background is calculated scribbling. I like to experiment with different ways to suggest a detail without having to spell it out for the viewer by drawing every single leaf. This has an organic movement that is the same time interesting and something you take for granted.

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