Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tools of the Trade: Brushes part one

I am not a brush snob. I admit it. I used to use the cheapie dollar store brushes but I've recently upgraded to lower end art store brushes. The bristles stay aligned longer with the slightly more expensive brushes.

You might ask then, if the bristle stay aligned slightly longer with slightly more expensive brushes, wouldn't it be a wiser investment to have higher end brushes with a higher life expectancy?

For me, no.

I can be a touch forgetful with thouroughly cleaning my brushes. Oftentimes when I start painting, my brushes are stiff so I have to bend them around to get the bristles separated. This kind of abuse takes its toll on even the nicest of brushes.

Add in the nature of painting on textured surfaces - the edges of my brushes get worn down quickly so that they fray out because they are shorter than thier neighbouring bristles.

My solution is low cost, high quantity. My kids like it because they get a wide selection of hand me down brushes - sometimes I'll collect enough to donate to a classroom!

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