Friday, February 13, 2009

Why You Should Buy Art Friday: Original Art

In a world full of easy to afford prints and knock offs, why would one want to collect original art? If you want the investment reasons, try reading my post here.

There is nothing like an original painting. The layers of colour, the brush strokes, the texture - nothing exists that can reproduce all these components completely. The multitude of tiny nuances add up to one spectacular piece that can only be fully appreciated in person. You may encounter prints on canvas or textured paper - they won't fully capture the essence of the original. Colours will never quite have the depth, the texture will be too uniform.

When an original piece of art is placed on a wall, the room suddenly has a new layer of life to it. The vibrancy of competing colours sparkle like a jewel in a room. Check out a house or hotel where original art is hung - you will notice a warmth to those spaces that cannot be matched by any old image placed in a frame.

Buying cheap prints (or expensive ones) can have their place - but it will never measure up to a one of a kind piece. Go out today and find a space where original art is hung and see for yourself (in person, not online) Perhaps you will fall in love with a work and bring it home for your walls!

If you wish to see the difference between a computer monitor and real life - feel free to make a purchase from my etsy store (couldn't resist, you know)! Take advantage of my Free Shipping on paintings this month!

I guarantee that the original is far more rich in colour, texture and depth than what you saw on the screen! (although colours will always slightly vary from monitor to monitor - something all online art collectors need to be aware of)

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