Saturday, March 14, 2009

Painting Study: Woman's Hands

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Yesterday I met some artist friends for a long awaited visit and a coffee. We were in a coffee shop full of the bustle that comes with a weekday morning. I was keeping my eyes open for some future study potentials and I kept watching my friend's hands as she fiddled with and regrouped a tiny art project she brought.

Of course, the best thing about hanging out with fellow artists is that when you say "hey, wait a second, I want to get a picture of your hands" no one blinks an eye. I have several hand pictures of both of my friends that will keep me entertained for a few days at least.

I can relate to Cheryl's hands - they have short nails, they are strong and would never be mistaken for delicate. They are hands that work with materials (and I'm going to assume this) are probably pretty scarred up from the occasional art project gone awry.

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Cheryl said... keep this up and I'm going to go broke in a big hurry!!! Well, done - and that was fast!