Saturday, March 28, 2009

Pearls Before Breakfast

An interesting addition to yesterday's post. My mother would call it "synchronicity" that I came across this Washington Post article talking about whether or not people appreciate beauty out of context.

In this article it explores what happens when a world famous musician plays for 45 minutes in a bland Washington subway station during the morning commute. There is an accompanying You Tube video to enjoy as well. The results of this are fascinating, the article is worth a full read.

One discussion I had early on in my relationship with my husband was going back and forth on whether or not art is autonomous - does art stand alone to be appreciated for what it is, within itself or does art gain value by being tied in with whoever created it, the story behind it, the setting and mood behind the production. I've never been totally sold on the art is autonomous argument, context, publicity and a good story weigh in so heavily for most artists.

I'd be interested in hearing thoughts on this.

Further to yesterday's post, I am ashamed to admit that mere hours after hitting "Publish" I found myself not only in an Ikea, but enjoying a meal with my kids in McDonalds. The irony of this did NOT escape me. I promise to try harder in the coming days!

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Joanne said...

We all slip once in a while! :-) Good thoughts in this posting!