Sunday, March 01, 2009

Sketchbook: Woman Waiting With Drink

I love catching people when they are unaware of your presence. They sit differently, they move differently they fidget differently.

This woman was waiting for her companion. She just sort of hunched over flicking her hair, pretending to be interested in the hockey game on the television. She was a mixture of bored and ready to spring into attentiveness.

I can tell I've been sketching from real life a lot more - the images are emerging from a scratchy tangle of lines. I like the fact that I'm loosening up somewhat, sketching has become a regular part of my artistic diet again.

My bird sketchbook is almost finished - that was August till March. I bought a new one today, I'm thinking about what I want to paint on the cover this time. I also want to finish this new one in under 6 months - totally doable.

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