Friday, March 20, 2009

Why You Should Buy Art Friday: Learning Experience

"Breathe" © Veronica Funk 2008

There is something about owning an original piece of art that constantly teaches the viewer something. I have had works in my possession for years that I'll be sitting near and half daydreaming when I'll suddenly catch a detail hidden in plain view that I've never noticed before.

I think it is especially important for artists to collect the work of other artists. This does not matter whether or not the style is similar to yours, you just have to enjoy the work itself.

The piece above was painted by my talented friend, Veronica Funk. Through a series of complex art negotiations (this has been a fun week!) we have bartered an exchange. Amongst many treasures, I am the proud owner of the above piece.

As I've mentioned before, I am a lover of white on white, direct from the tube white, white juxtaposed with intense pigment - you name it, I love copious amounts of white in a painting. This piece attracted me way back when she first painted it.

Already, after having it in my possession for a few days, I've learned a few things. Veronica has had more experience than me with showings and galleries. I could see immediately that her packaging was crisp and professional, she's noted certain details on the back (I love looking at the backs of paintings - everyone has a different method!).

I've contemplated her application of paint, noted her layers, admired the simplicity of certain details she's executed. I know that I have a bunch more discoveries to make over the course of time. Art keeps teaching you things - things will pop out in different lights, certain colour choices will attract your attention depending on your mood.

So, what will I do with this information? Depends. Some of it will merely enhance my familiarity of an artist - you can come to recognize little nuances that are unique like a fingerprint. Other things one might think "well, that is a way better way of going about that issue" and it might be modified for future use. Overall, it will deepen your appreciation of that particular artist's viewpoint and craftsmanship.

I encourage you this week to seek out some fresh art for your own contemplation - make it a learning experience! If you need to start somewhere, check out my shop. (hey, its my weekly plug!)

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Anonymous said...

When I opened your blog this morning I originally thought I had inadvertantly clicked on my own ;)...I also like looking at the back of paintings, almost as much as the front - I make myself at home in gallery storage rooms and other artist studios as often as I can...