Friday, March 06, 2009

Why You Should Buy Art Friday: Lowering Stress

Like it? Own it!

There have been a couple studies done on the effects that viewing art has on people with high levels of stress. The results were surprising in one study - researchers found that saliva cortisol levels (an indication of stress) dropped 32% after a trip to the gallery.

Normally this type of drop would take approximately 5 hours, but in the case of the participants it was an average of 40 minutes!

Now keep in mind, these took place in a gallery setting which, if you are a gallery frequenter, you will know they rank up there with libraries and cathedrals as a quiet contemplative environment.

However, this might be worth a try for you if you lead a fast paced, high stakes life - take some time to visit a gallery and soak in some masterpieces. Consider it another tool to help you cope with the stresses of your job!

If you want to surround yourself artwork so that you can experience that relaxing effect in your home or office, it might be worth a shot. At the very least you will have beautiful surroundings to soothe you on a daily basis. Check out my store if you need to stock up (you know I had to do a plug!)


Hope Avenue said...

Good suggestion indeed! I live close by to a great museum, but alas, I almost never visit it. It is such a beautiful Friday afternoon here (and I am stressed), so I am going to drop in the museum and to appreciate Monet. It will actually be a crime not to now. Thanks!

Michelle said...

I'm glad to be of service to you!

I checked out your blog - I will be back.

Take care and enjoy that art!