Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Tools of the Trade: Brush Cleaner

Okay, I will admit that this is not an essential item to an artist just purchasing supplies, but man, I have to admit this little thing is handy dandy!

A friend of mine passed this along to me last week. She had upgraded to a very nice stainless steel model (something like this). This one is perfectly servicable and she was kind enough to think of me.

It is fairly simple. A glass jar with a metal coil fit inside it. You put water (if acrylics) in and when you want to clean your brush you just swish it over the coil and the paint is removed down to the ferrule.

I'm thinking this may extend the life of my crunchy brushes somewhat! Part of what was killing them so quickly was small amounts of paint being left in the bristles and the other part was my mashing the brush in the water jar to clean them as best I could.

(PS - my apologies for not posting as regular in the past few days - we had the flu going through our house, hopefully things are back on track now at chez Wiebe)

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Joanne said...

Sorry to hear of the flu being in your house - were you sick too??? I have one of these brush cleaners - and it works really well for oil as well. Nice to have some of these "non-essentials"!!!