Monday, May 11, 2009

Selling Your Art Online: Merchandise Store

Once you have your direct presence online with a blog and a store, you can branch out even further, with another type of venue, one that sells customized merchandise such as my zazzle store. There are a few sites such as this, cafepress and zazzle being the big ones out there.

My theory with selling art online is that the more sources of passive income, however small those sources, the more regular your income will be. Having a merchandise store available is a way for your customers to get a unique product with your artwork on it.

I say it is passive because once you load up your images and choose how they will be formatted on the product (t-shirt, magnet, cards etc) all that is left is promoting your store. The more time you put into telling people about your merchandise, the more people will look at it.

So what happens when somebody purchases your merchandise? The company that hosts your store then takes care of the payment, producing the item, shipping it and customer service. They basically handle everything from the moment a purchase is made. If there is a problem, they will fix it for the customer - it is a good idea google reviews of the products you want to have or order one for yourself so you can see the quality for yourself.

After the transaction is completed, you will have a royalty amount available in your account that you can ask them to store up, transfer to your paypal account or cut a cheque for you. (Sellers outside of the country your store is based in - always read the terms of service before opening a store like this to see if they will be able to send you payment in a way that you can accept, they do not always send cheques out of the country and those that do will do it in their currency)

Personally, I don't make a fortune off of stores like this, but for the time it takes to set up a few products, I have found it to be worth the effort. It is just another iron in the fire that is online selling!

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