Monday, June 22, 2009

Sketchbook: DeWitt's Pond

My family has recently gone crazy for fishing. It started with my middle daughter, so determined to learn how to fish, she saved birthday money a few years ago to buy herself a "Dora the Explorer" fishing rod. This had hours and hours of use fishing in our backyard wading pool.

This year at Christmas, my husband and daughter received fishing gear and we have been taking all the kids along on these little excursions (much to their collective delight). I don't have a fishing license, nor do I have any urge to stand still that long, so my role has evolved into child wrangler/snack provider/ sketchbook operator. It has suited me just fine.

This is our local fishing hole, more like a man made squarish shape carved out of the prairie, the kids think it is the most magical place ever. I've been picking out beautiful little vistas to capture on paper.

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