Friday, November 27, 2009

Portrait of a Lady

8.5" x 11"
Acrylic on Board

My friends have become accustomed to me pulling out my phone and taking candid pictures of them. Little do they realize I totally intend on painting from some of them. I thought this one was fun because a few hours after painting it, the subject herself came over for dinner.

Heh. These are fun exercises to keep my eyes and hand limbered up. More to come.


Cheryl said...

Love this, Michelle. OK......we really need to have a painting session together so you can step me through.....I want to paint faces like you when I grow up! 'o)

Vanessa said...


Daniel Carver (aka Dano) said...

Nice painting. Are you taking a break? I haven't seen you much on Twitter... and no blog posts for December. You must be busy with other things.

Michelle said...

Hi Daniel!

Kind of taking a break over Christmas, it is a super busy time for our household. Thinking up some post right now though.

How are you doing???? I should check your blog - I've been really slacking off on that too lately! :)

Anonymous said...
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Secret Blogger said...

your paintings are very nice, do you sell them or keep them for yourself ?