Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Where Did My Art Come From? (part 6)

Hmmm. No illustration for this part, honestly, I've struggled with how much I could possibly capture with this post. I think I will have to break it up. This is almost its own mini series within the series. This is where I start talking about a huge shift in my artistic journey. The part where someone took me seriously and I in turn started to take myself and my art seriously.

When I was 10 years old, my family moved to British Columbia. I spent grade 5 in a new school with not too many friends, feeling out of place with my schooling (way ahead in french, way behind in other stuff). I wasn't unhappy, but I definitely was not at home.

My teacher noticed that I had decent drawing skills and a passion for creating art. She recommended that my mother check out a newly opened school in the adjacent town, Fort Langley. My mother made some inquires and found out that they would be having a first come first serve sign up to reserve a spot for the following year, should any come available.

My mother then made a choice that changed my life. She was early. So early, she slept overnight in a gym with a bunch of other hopeful parents. She signed up for the first Grade 6 spot on the list. A few weeks later, we found out that one spot had opened up unexpectedly. I had made it in!

Langley Fine Arts School became the start to my evolution from a cartoon drawing child to where I am now, I honestly can say that without this experience, I doubt I would be where I am today. I almost doubt I would be an artist at all. (Thanks mom!)

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