Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I'm here, just taking a break from the blog.

Hi readers!

I am still here, still creating art, just not blogging. I am reorienting myself, despite promising to divulge more I am finding that this is a process that is taking longer than my impatient self enjoys.

I think that for me, this is only the second major time where I have had to purposefully back away from the familiar and take a pause to evaluate. Normally, the process is a slowly evolving one where each painting leads to a thought or a technique that you pick up on the next. Instead, this is something of a major recalibration.

I am not only looking at what and how I am painting, but I am asking myself some bigger questions. I am wondering what the viewer's engagement is, what my motivation is, what the desired outcome is and I am looking for the story I want to tell. I know definitely that change is underfoot.

So, I am painting, just not as much (and that is okay) and I am journaling and sketching quite a few interesting things. Sometimes in order to find your new direction, you need to start back at the beginning so I have resumed a format of sketching/journaling that I did in my teen years, it has been helpful and a refreshing change of pace. I have also been reading a ton of books - many touching on why art interacts with the viewer in the way that it does. Plenty of food for thought that I am digesting.

So, I thank you for the encouraging comments and emails - I am here, just laying low. I apologize if I haven't been popping by your blog also - I need to insulate myself right now to concentrate on the next chapter. I will be back soon though!