Saturday, May 08, 2010

AIRdirondack Project - step three

Firstly, an explanation. Recently, I had a great opportunity to explore the country of Turkey. Not only did I get to experience the bustling city of Istanbul, I got to sample hospitality in Izmir, tour ruins like Ephesus and Perge as well as relax in Antalya.

Being someone with deep interests in all things Byzantine, this trip was an opportunity of a lifetime. I can honestly say that the art and culture overwhelmed me so much, I still haven't really had a chance to process it.

One of the things I loved the most was to experience centuries of artisan works. These were everywhere, in carpet stores, on the walls of the Grand Bazaar, on traditional patterns for plates and cups. I think what struck me was the humanity of those pieces. You could see brush strokes, you could see inconsistencies, you could tell that it was handmade, not something produced by a laser guided machine. I loved it.

When I had the opportunity to participate in the AIRdirondack project, that was the first thought that came to mind - and assemblage of all the patterns that I had encountered in that magnificent country. So, that is what you will see.

Each piece in the Assembly Chair will feature a pattern that I have found somewhere in my travels. Hopefully I will be able to explain each and every one to you!

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Ivan Chan Studio said...

So cool! And it sounds like you had a fantastic trip. Turkey is a country I've longed to visit, and I think it may be because of our similar admiration for the Byzantine!

Best wishes,