Saturday, May 01, 2010

AIRdirondack Project - step two

Do not fear the pink! This is merely a transitional phase on this chair....

I spent a good five hours today sanding edges, priming and putting down two coats of this bright bubbly-gum pink. It became quite the balancing act painting each edge so it would not adhere to the newspaper and trying to remember how many coats each edge had gotten.

I'm glad that I bit the bullet on this part of the project - I'm looking forward to the artistic painting rather than this utility painting. If I had done this in stages (like I was trying to talk myself into at about hour 3) I don't think I would ever finish this. Now that the worst is over, the rest will probably just tumble out.


Janet W said...

Hey Michelle, this looks like a great project! It's nice to see a blog posting -- I keep checking! Now I can look forward to seeing your finished chair. BYW, Becca LOVED your art class at the library a few weeks ago.

Michelle said...

Knowing that Becca had a great time totally made my day. That is the reason why I do those sorts of things - get the kids enthused!!!

I'll be posting more this weekend, hopefully!