Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 Year in Review

Landscape Diptych
96"x 60" (total combined)
Acrylic on Canvas

This past year has been full of life, but not as much art as in years past. I have repeatedly fought the temptation to admit defeat and delete this blog, but there is something that won't let me do that. I figure as an artist, I make things with the end purpose of communicating something, an image, a feeling an idea... since I'm not actively looking for sales or shows, I need somewhere to put my stuff if and when the mood strikes me. I think that here on this blog is as good as any other place.

Plus, I understand how many small things can accumulate over the years into something that seems more substantial. Therefore, I'm letting myself feel okay about only posting once and a while. Perhaps it is better this way than when I would get stuck on the hamster wheel a few years ago and post every day, or every three days or whatever. Hopefully Quality will triumph over Quantity.

I am someone who loves lists (to the point that I troll around the t.v. channels at the end of December hoping to stumble across some "Top 100 Speed Metal Songs/Celebrity Misfortunes/Natural Disasters of the 20th Century" type shows to consume like all the other confections that are sitting around this time of year) I figure I should channel that energy into a list to finish up my year.

5 Paintings That I Was Too Busy To Post:


Do Not Worry
Acrylic on Canvas

This was a gift to the daughter of some dear friends of ours. I had a time crunch to paint this (and still missed my deadline!) The paint was barely dry as I boxed it up to ship.


Airdrie Alliance Kids ♥ Airdrie - Main Street Art Project
4' x 12' (approximately - I can't remember but it was huge) 
Latex on Board

We have this great organization in the town I live in called Creative Airdrie and they have been making all sorts of public art projects. I was so privileged to be able to work with a group of Grade 1 - 6 students on painting this large mural. It is hanging out doors on Main Street to this day!


Landscape Diptych
96"x 60" (total combined)
Acrylic on Canvas

I wanted to paint BIG and I wanted to paint BIG sky. This gift allowed me to accomplish both. They seem pretty simple with the composition and detail but something about doing a painting on that scale makes it seem that much bigger. Better in real life. 


Grade 3B Classroom Mural - Bulembu Christian Academy
10' x 20' Approximately
Acrylic on Concrete covered in white Milk Paint

Oh my word. Looking at this picture just brings back the most exausting/exhilarating day I had on my trip to Bulembu. Somehow it was arranged that I would do some murals for a few classrooms. This was on my last full day in Swaziland. It ended up being 6 classrooms with as many paintings I could fit on the barren walls in each. I got to talk to the teachers and ask them what they wanted (usually I could help them with some learning visuals by giving them things like a tree to stick apples on or a "rabbit" on the right side of the board and a "lion" on the left... that sort of thing.) 

This class was particularly fun because the class was in session while I was painting. They asked me to paint a lion (on the right behind some kids) I choose some flowers and birds to fill space fast and conserve paint and at the end of my painting time, one kid asked for a star (you can see a bit at the top of the photo - oh my goodness. Scariest. Request. Ever.) 

Then afterwards we had a photo session where we all goofed around taking pictures. The kids wanted to take pictures of their friends in front of the paintings and we let them go for it. Such a fun day.


Portrait of Three Children
24" x 30"
Acrylic on Canvas

This was a Christmas commission that I loved, loved, loved having the chance to paint! The source photo came from a good friend and talented photographer of mine, Vanessa Day. I am NOT a professional photographer and this is okay for paintings that I conceptualize. 

However, this painting as well as this one  and this one have convinced me that photos for commissioned portrait work that come from someone who has the equipment and know how to shoot some decent images is far better than some pictures I've worked from in the past that are shot casually. What a treat - thank you Vanessa for giving me permission to work from them! 


Loopyker said...

Well I, for one, am glad you have kept this blog to post whenever you feel like it. I always enjoy your work. :) All the best wishes for 2012!

Ivan Chan Studio said...


Ivan Chan Studio said...

Your art always delights my soul.

Darlene Young said...

These are lovely paintings. I am so happy to receive them in my email this evening.

Familjen Baka said...

Lovely paintings!

banning brewd said...

there is so much depth here...i really love it!