Friday, January 18, 2013

Change of Pace - Study of Our Beloved Dog

Esther Study
6" x 6"
Acrylic on Board

As hard as I try to post things in a cohesive order and weave some sort of narrative.... I just wind myself up too much and over think it.

So, instead of waiting for a chance to take a few better photos of the pieces that would follow in a proper order to my last post, I'm going to wing it.

My heart has finally eased up enough to turn to pictures of our sweet dog, Esther. I am SO GLAD I took a bunch of photos of her on her red pillow one day. (note to pet owners - get up, grab your phone or camera and take a bunch of casual shots right now. I mean it, you will treasure those ordinary shots one day)

As I was preparing for for the APL show I had a conundrum. Time. I have a set of square frames that I had planned to put linocuts in. Problem is, most of my linocuts were in a rectangle format. I was going to be all hardcore and cut fresh ones but I quickly came to the realization that to do that would seriously burn me out.

I like showing small painting studies in these frames, and I had a couple that I was happy with showing. The problem was I needed all 7 frames in order to cover one long wall and make an impact (the strength of showing these small paintings comes in showing them as a set in the matching frames. The studies themselves are only 6"x6" and would get totally lost on their own)

So, back to my conundrum. 7 frames, a couple of them filled, under a week left before hanging the show. I had been on a real creative roll and back into old habits (playing the same cd on repeat, painting straight for hours - I even clocked an 8 hour day which I haven't done in at least 3 years). I decided to do some fresh studies.

When one decides at the last moment that they are going to do a study, they usually need a reference photo or something in real life to paint. I had to start trolling through my reference shots to pick something worthwhile to paint as I didn't have time on my side to set up a shot.

When Esther died, I told our kids that when we were ready, I would paint a big picture of her and we could hang it in the hallway over the spot that she slept. I knew already which picture I would probably choose. When I saw that batch of photos again, I knew that my time had come to break open that box I had put my grief in.

I've said it before, but it is worth repeating, that dog is a pleasure to paint. So sculptural and graceful. We still miss her.


whimsys otherside said...

beautiful, your painting and your words as well.

Michelle said...

W - that means a lot, I know how much you love our canine friends. <3