Tuesday, January 08, 2013


Acrylic on Canvas
24"x 36"

This painting is from a photo taken at the ruins of Perge, Turkey. This is one of the pieces on display right now at the APL.

Our group was touring around the space when some local people appeared from a tiny, rundown house and set up shop. A man spread out a blanket on the ground and set out trinkets and costume jewelry. This lady was clearly the photo opportunity for us foreigners. She ran out to a large rock, scooped up the lamb and moved into good lighting.

As everyone pulled out their cameras she clearly announced "one lira", the cost to photograph her.

I could've gotten a free shot in I'm sure but the price was right and she was worth it. Trouble was, I had no coins on me. Fortunately my friend stepped in and bankrolled my photo. *I think I paid Lana back.*

The sweater and the backdrop of foliage were the most challenging to paint. I kept fighting my inner detail nerd to keep things loosened up. When I got too tight, I washed over it with a thin layer to tone down the rigid ness. This took a while.

Her face was a pleasure to paint, I had a great time playing with the shadows and the shine on her skin.

Overall, I hope I stuck a balance between the busy areas and weightier parts. It's been hard not posting this on my blog since I finished it back in the spring!

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