Sunday, January 06, 2013

Solo Show at the Airdrie Public Library

After two years of this being the undercurrent of all my creative time, I'm happy to say that my show at the APL is finally hung in the walls.

I was quite humbled to see how quickly all the pieces were figured out for the space and how well they fit together in their arrangements. I also was so relieved that I had enough work. The fear was very real.

Overall, there are 26 paintings on display. The overwhelming majority have never been publicly shown. 11 of the pieces are larger than 24" x 24". This is good because when you arrive in a space like that and start unwrapping the little paintings, the urge to run away or cry by the sheer size of the place is very strong.

Special thanks to Veronica Funk who originally booked me in for this show and who was super helpful and patient as I started to obsess on height restrictions and what pieces to bring. She talked me off the ledge a couple of times!

Over the next few weeks I hope to post some of the more significant pieces here with some context. Of course I realized that I didn't take finished photos of all the pieces so I'll need to do that too. I have enough to get started though!

I hope you'll come check it out. The show runs from now until March 4th. 2013. Any inquiries on individual pieces can be emailed to me directly.

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