Saturday, July 13, 2013

Painting - Fishermen

36" x 36" 
Acrylic on Canvas

Recently, I was sorting through my images and I realized that there are quite a few pieces that I've never posted on my blog. The above painting is one of them, those who went to the APL Show might remember it. 

A couple of years ago, my husband and I travelled to Turkey for a few weeks. Istanbul made a very deep impression on me - so much so that I've actually had a hard time unpacking and processing many of the photos that we took. Usually, I like to paint from experiences like this, but for some reason Turkey has eluded me (and we have many photos that would make great paintings). 

 These men were gathered all along the Galata Bridge casting huge fishing lines into the Bosphorus. I'm not sure what type of fish they were catching, but it seemed very popular. I was happy once my husband took this shot to keep moving though - I was nervous about being hooked. This piece was a challenge to find the balance between the hazy buildings in the background with the figures in the foreground.


Darlene Young said...

Wow! This is really nice.Very warm colours and feeling of intimacy with the fisherman in the foreground. Well done!

Michelle Wiebe said...

Thanks Darlene!

I checked out your blog - wow! Beautiful work!

Darlene Young said...

May I inquire about your palette? It looks very limited and warm.

Michelle Wiebe said...

Red and yellow are cadmiums, phthalo blue, rounded out with yellow ochre, burnt sienna,raw umber, titanium white.

If I really want to party, I might throw in some cadmium green or dioxazine violet.