Saturday, August 17, 2013

Linocut - Chi Rho/Flight of the Soul

Flight of the Soul
4" x 6"
Ink on Paper

I'm enjoying the freedom that linocutting provides me with subject matter. Since I don't have much "history" with this medium, I don't feel like I'm boxed into a corner. Right now I'm just practicing. I'm not worried about editions, pretty much most of my work is in the A/P stage. 

I have a deep love of manuscript illumination, I think part of the printmaking itch that I have comes from having that as an inspiration source for many years. One manuscript in particular that I love is the Book of Kells. (Google it)

The Chi Rho page in particular is the the pinnacle of illumination in my opinion. There is a marriage between symbolism and form that is remarkable. I think of this page often when I think of non-representational works that I deeply respect. 

Anyhoo - I decided to create this piece to enter a contest for a Mumford and Sons t-shirt. I knew I didn't have much hope in getting all the votes but it was a reason to dig out my tools. I'm glad I took the time. I took the time to make it to say "thank you" to a band that I deeply love - their art has allowed me to open up and be ready to make my art. I figured it was worth a little piece of my time to make and enter it. (No, I didn't win anything!)

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