Saturday, August 03, 2013

New Camera

The irony isn't lost on me that I took a photo of my new camera with my iPhone....

Pssssst! Want to hear a secret? Many, many, many years ago I used to take photography. Old school print film and dark room photography. I've used old Mimiya C330s, developed onto Kodalith, tried my hand at colour film processing. Langley Fine Arts School and NSCAD both had amazing dark room facilities and staff.

To sum up my experiences - I loved it but it wasn't my gift.

I wanted to get decent at taking photographs though to at least give me source material to paint from as well as accurately document my finished pieces. To be honest, I have many paintings in the past few years that are either badly photographed or not photographed at all. Taking a decent portfolio shot with a point and click or an iPhone is next to impossible.

This year, we decided we needed to upgrade our camera after our last one bit the dust. We'd been going on too many overseas trips and missing too many important family moments to not have a decent device to document these things. We ended up getting a low to mid range Canon DSLR. I'm happy.

I forgot how much fun telephoto lenses are. ISO and F Stops are a language that I am relearning to speak. The pleasure of SLR photography without the expense and uncertainty of bracketing! I am in love.

Part of the reason why I am only now posting some of my paintings from the last year or so is because I finally got around to photographing them. Still figuring out some stuff with it, but hopefully my pictures are starting to improve.

I'm not in any rush to become a photographer either. I know where my strengths are.

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