Saturday, August 24, 2013

Painting - Bottle

24" x  36"
Acrylic on Canvas

This was one of those pieces that once started, I literally could not pull myself away from. I believe I clocked an eight hour stretch for a portion of this..... 

My subjects were visiting on New Years Eve and we were camped out on my couch. I tried over and over again to snap a decent picture of my little friend, it took a while but I finally had success. 

I thought the biggest challenge would be the glass of the bottle, I was pleasantly surprised when it came together. This piece has red going gangbusters in it as well... had a real Bruegel moment I think.... \


Carol Allen Anfinsen said...

This painting is fantastic! Full f emotion; love the red! You did a great job on that bottle.

Michelle Wiebe said...

Thank you, Carol!