Saturday, August 10, 2013

Painting - Turkish Woman Cooking

Turkish Woman Cooking
18" x 20"
Acrylic on Canvas

This is another one of my paintings that I've never blogged about. Like the Fishermen and African Girl paintings, this one was on display at the APL Show in January 2013.

This painting has so much going on in it - it was a challenge for a few reasons. We took this photo in a little restaurant/shisha bar in Istanbul, Turkey. It was by far my favorite restaurant on the whole trip. Old patterned couches and cushions, rugs on the walls, super friendly staff, tasty kebabs. We came here a few times with friends of ours so the memories are thick. 

One night that we visited there was a table set up and an older lady was rolling discs of dough, putting in fillings then cooking them on a large round griddle. She clearly had been doing this for ages - it was mesmerizing watching her roll these out. She was clearly a star at this because we had never noticed that on the wall behind her was a large photograph of her doing the same thing! Underneath the photo were multiple Turkish newspaper articles about her and her craft. 

We ordered some of these (can't remember what they were called) and they had seasonings and cheese inside - they were quite tasty. Similar to a Greek style pita but fresh off the grill. 

The photo we took was not super in focus and had to be greatly cropped (reducing it's legibility further) but I wanted to try my hand at painting it. The outcome definitely exceeded expectations and I think capture her well. I love painting riotous patterns and colours - this was a good outlet for me! 


Darlene Young said...

I love the details. Good job.

Michelle Wiebe said...

Thank you, Darlene!