Saturday, September 28, 2013

Art in Transit - Esther on an Airdrie Bus Pass!

Some of you might remember our beloved dog, Esther. I'm really happy to announce that this portrait of her will be on an upcoming Airdrie Bus Pass in 2014 as part of their Art in Transit project.

I'm not sure yet what month she will appear on, but I'll try to remember to update you once I know more!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Printmaking With Kids

Printmaking Party Animals a.k.a. 12 year old girls

There are few joys greater than a room full of 12 year old girls who enjoy crafts. Recently I had the pleasure of hosting some of my daughter's friends and we thought it would be a good idea of teaching them some printmaking basics. This was very similar to a class that I taught at the APL in May for their Junior Artists program. My friend, Veronica blogged about that here.

One of the challenges with printmaking is producing the plate from which the image will be printed from... it can be super dangerous to get a bunch of preteens wielding lino cutters. I chose the easy route: styrofoam. 

Basically, once the girls decided on the subject matter, they drew it out on a piece of styrofoam that they had cut from the flat part of a styrofoam plate. We inked up the brayer with printing ink and went to town. 

We had inexpensive cards from Michael's and they had a blast designing some stationary. They stamped all sorts of cryptic messages and pretty pictures onto the cards and the envelopes. They did not reach a point of being frustrated or bored either. Win win situation! 

Saturday, September 14, 2013

AIRdirondack Gala Next Week! The Koi Chair is up for Auction!

The Koi Chair

Me Modelling the Koi Chair, Photo courtesy of Phil Wiebe

Next week the awesome team at Creative Airdrie will be hosting the AIRdirondack Gala - a fun night full of music, food and super cool painted chairs. 

There is an auction for the chairs - the money raised goes to cultural initiatives within Airdrie AB. The work these guys do is amazing. When we first moved to Airdrie, I felt quite lost because local opportunities were few and far between. Nowadays, it seems like these guys are cooking up some crazy idea each week! They have certainly raised the profile of the arts in our community. 

Buy a ticket and come out and join us for the fun! Bid on a chair too!!!

Saturday, September 07, 2013

On the Easel - The Wycliffe Project

Work in Progress....

Last year I was put into contact with the Graphic Design team at an organisation that I have loved for a long time, Wycliffe Canada. These guys encourage and support people in all corners of the globe who want to bring the Bible to people in their mother tongue (which after going to an arts event of theirs recently and hearing how much this entails and how much dedication their teams have, it is no small matter). 

Each year, Wycliffe does a calendar which showcases the works they are involved in all over the globe. The cool thing is, they take this calendar very seriously and use it to showcase the works of very talented photographers and artists. Long story short - I applied for and was granted the privilege of painting the 12 pieces for the 2015 calendar! 

The subjects come from photos shot on location. They've hand selected pieces that they would like to see translated into paintings (hah! maintaining the language theme here!) I've started working on the first 3 pieces (after humming and hawing about it, I figured working in groups of three would be the best way of moving forward and keeping the pieces somewhat interconnected without feeling overwhelmed) I won't be posting the full paintings until after the pieces go to print, but I may post some teasers in the coming months. 

I just want to give a shout out to the design team there - it is super cool to be able to work with organization that speaks MY mother tongue - art lingo (did it again!). I have enjoyed all the times we could talk shop. Looking forward to more.