Saturday, September 14, 2013

AIRdirondack Gala Next Week! The Koi Chair is up for Auction!

The Koi Chair

Me Modelling the Koi Chair, Photo courtesy of Phil Wiebe

Next week the awesome team at Creative Airdrie will be hosting the AIRdirondack Gala - a fun night full of music, food and super cool painted chairs. 

There is an auction for the chairs - the money raised goes to cultural initiatives within Airdrie AB. The work these guys do is amazing. When we first moved to Airdrie, I felt quite lost because local opportunities were few and far between. Nowadays, it seems like these guys are cooking up some crazy idea each week! They have certainly raised the profile of the arts in our community. 

Buy a ticket and come out and join us for the fun! Bid on a chair too!!!

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This is pretty.