Saturday, September 07, 2013

On the Easel - The Wycliffe Project

Work in Progress....

Last year I was put into contact with the Graphic Design team at an organisation that I have loved for a long time, Wycliffe Canada. These guys encourage and support people in all corners of the globe who want to bring the Bible to people in their mother tongue (which after going to an arts event of theirs recently and hearing how much this entails and how much dedication their teams have, it is no small matter). 

Each year, Wycliffe does a calendar which showcases the works they are involved in all over the globe. The cool thing is, they take this calendar very seriously and use it to showcase the works of very talented photographers and artists. Long story short - I applied for and was granted the privilege of painting the 12 pieces for the 2015 calendar! 

The subjects come from photos shot on location. They've hand selected pieces that they would like to see translated into paintings (hah! maintaining the language theme here!) I've started working on the first 3 pieces (after humming and hawing about it, I figured working in groups of three would be the best way of moving forward and keeping the pieces somewhat interconnected without feeling overwhelmed) I won't be posting the full paintings until after the pieces go to print, but I may post some teasers in the coming months. 

I just want to give a shout out to the design team there - it is super cool to be able to work with organization that speaks MY mother tongue - art lingo (did it again!). I have enjoyed all the times we could talk shop. Looking forward to more. 

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