Saturday, September 21, 2013

Printmaking With Kids

Printmaking Party Animals a.k.a. 12 year old girls

There are few joys greater than a room full of 12 year old girls who enjoy crafts. Recently I had the pleasure of hosting some of my daughter's friends and we thought it would be a good idea of teaching them some printmaking basics. This was very similar to a class that I taught at the APL in May for their Junior Artists program. My friend, Veronica blogged about that here.

One of the challenges with printmaking is producing the plate from which the image will be printed from... it can be super dangerous to get a bunch of preteens wielding lino cutters. I chose the easy route: styrofoam. 

Basically, once the girls decided on the subject matter, they drew it out on a piece of styrofoam that they had cut from the flat part of a styrofoam plate. We inked up the brayer with printing ink and went to town. 

We had inexpensive cards from Michael's and they had a blast designing some stationary. They stamped all sorts of cryptic messages and pretty pictures onto the cards and the envelopes. They did not reach a point of being frustrated or bored either. Win win situation! 

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