Saturday, October 05, 2013

The Construction of a Sunset

This is a close up of a very very large (48" x 60") piece I'm playing with right now. 
I'm having a lot of fun with thin washes and long drips and puddles. 
Those who have earlier work of mine will recognise these familiar layers.

I've been obsessed with clouds and sunsets in my landscapes lately. Good thing we took a trip to the prairies this summer, I just took shot after shot of "flat land/cool sky" on the long drive. 

My landscapes have become deceptively simplified lately. They look simple at first, but upon longer reflection a whole world opens up with the washes of colour and the play between background and the interceding layers. 

Why am I obsessed with sky? Firstly, I want to get awesome at painting clouds, but you can't get there unless you paint lots and lots of clouds. Secondly, painting a sunset is a far second to the original creative act that plays out across our skies every moment of the day, everywhere on earth. That snapshot of a moment that I am trying to capture on a canvas is nothing compared to the ever changing kaleidoscope God has laid out for us to soak in. I want to understand His process by hammering away at far inferior copy. Man does the process captivate me. You have no idea how many colours you can place in a simple prairie sky. 


Faith Dalton said...

that is wow amazing job!!!

Ruth Steinfatt said...

I love the play on colours..the prairie skies are amazing. This is a painting one could sit and look at forver... well done