Monday, June 30, 2014

Wycliffe Snapshot 3

Another painting where harvest and grasses were a central theme. This painting has a funny little black dog at his master's feet - it reminds me so much of old master paintings which have an almost forgotten dog tucked away in the corner. I'm looking forward to showing this one in it's entirety!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Thursday Confessional #3 - Music I've Listened To So Much While Painting I'm Embarrassed

This one constantly embarrasses me... I can easily listen to an album over and over (even just a song) if it fits the painting I am working on. If I look at my phone, I can easily see what music I'd need to take to a dessert island if I had any hope of creating anything ever again. 

In no particular order:

1. Belle and Sebastian - I will always sing along, maybe even dance a little too. 

2. Interpol - hey they have songs that are Viking in flavour. 

3. Anonymous 4 - if it's raining, this is on the player. 

4. Grizzly Bear - always makes me feel a little cooler. 

5. Mumford and Sons - not so much lately, but woah I had a phase last year...

6. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - long time favorite - seeing them live this week! 

7. Radiohead - I will put all their albums on and I'm set for hours. 

8. Local Natives - gah. I can't seem to get enough of these guys lately. 

9. Sufjan Stevens - I wish he knew how many hours I've gotten through listening to his music. BQE and Christmas music included. 

10. The National - I'm a little obsessed with these guys to be honest. I've had days where this is on the headphones for a run, then plugged into the car, the into the docking station, wash, rinse, repeat. 

Monday, June 23, 2014

Wycliffe Snapshot 2

This lady is found in the background of this very leafy green painting. I loved laying the thick blobs of paints on her head dress highlights. I can't wait for you to see the finished piece!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Thursday Confessional #2 - 5 Art Products That Have Let Me Down

1) Soft Pencil Crayons and all Conté ever invented - you break too much. That makes me super grumpy to have a favorite colour rendered useless because of an unfortunate jostle that splinters a lead. Not to mention the endless finding of brightly coloured slivers in my tool box. For something so expensive you sure are useless. Like the art product version of a reality show celebrity.

2) Easels - when I was in high school we made/were given a basic wooden easel. 3 2x4's, a hinge, some chain, dowels and a board. Simple. I still use mine 20 years later. While I need to confess I've never purchased an easel, I've inherited several not to mention having to use ones provided by a venue, but I just don't like to fiddle. If it's huge, I use my high school easel, if it fits on my kitchen table... I paint it flat.

3) Brush Tip Markers and Pens - is it a pen? Is it watercolour? No! It's a product that doesn't behave as well as either of those, costs way more and is incredibly tricky to bring a piece of artwork to something higher than an amateurish level. Plus you tend to splay your bristles and dry out too fast. 

4) Expensive Paint Brushes - this is more about me than about nice brushes... Giving me a nice brush is like giving fine chocolate to someone without a sense of taste. I don't appreciate them and I for sure won't take care of them. 

5) Fine Art Spray Paint - gah. This has been a recently building pet peeve. I wanted to like you, I really really did. You clog FAR too much, I've spent more on caps from head shops than I care to admit because I wanted to like you. Is it your high grade pigment? Is it a case of you jumping into a product you weren't ready to? I like slumming it with non professional, highly toxic, super non archival hardware store paint far too much to ever repent. I noticed you were on clearance pricing at Michael's... As much as I like a deal, I will not be stocking up. 

Monday, June 16, 2014

Wycliffe Snapshot 1

This is a small segment of the first painting I started in this calendar series of 12. The overlapping grasses were super challenging. The sky was so fun to paint. I can't wait for you to be able to see the entire piece!

Also, exciting news! I've had a painting of mine chosen to be on one of the Airdrie Streetlight Project's Banners! These will be going up around town in time for Canada Day. Not sure which image of mine they picked, so it'll be a surprise for me as well! Shout out to Creative Airdrie for the cool projects they come up with!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Thursday Confessional #1 - 10 Ways I Tend to Procrastinate

Clearly, right now I should be painting - my blog has been too long neglected to have any other reason for my sudden interest. Right now I'm on the homestretch of my Wycliffe works but I'm super struggling to keep motivated this afternoon. 

Oftentimes while I'm painting I think of future blog posts, then I rarely post them because I'm behind on my painting. I've started writing them down though - this summer I am going to really strive to dip my toes back into the online world again. Today's post could be considered part of that or some serious procrastination. You pick.

Top Ten Ways I Tend to Procrastinate:

1. Check Facebook, Email, Twitter (Repeat) - it is amazing how easily I can suck away the hours cycling endlessly through these three things. Even when it's a nice day so the rest of the world is out enjoying it except sad old me. 

2. Drink large volumes of tea and sparkling water - similar to the online cycling, this tends to start its own vortex of non painting busyness. 

3. Prepare food and/or eat food - I can always tell I've had a blocked day of painting, dinner tends to be extra made from scratch and meticulously prepared. I also tend to stand at my counter shoveling hummus or hand cut salsa on crackers until full or guilty. Or both. 

4. Organize emails or photos - not a bad thing, but totally something I'm never interested in doing at any other time. 

5. Garden - if I succumb to this, I'm not coming back to the paints that day. At least I finally admit this. We have a manual push mower and you'd be surprised how often I'm willing to cut the grass when I'm not into painting. Same goes for weed pulling. 

6. Trim and paint my toenails - I'm not an ultra girly girl but if the canvas ain't speaking to me it's amazing how fast I take an interest in upkeep of the toes.

7. Clean out stuff - part of the whole "looking busy" oeuvre, this is a personal favorite. Pull apart a closet and then not very sadly realize I can't return to painting that day if I'm to have it cleaned up on time. 

8. Floss my teeth - not sure what is more embarrassing, the water thing, the toenail thing or the flossing thing. I'm all about forcing myself into the bathroom I guess. Can't see the paintings from there. 

9. Start looking for calls for submissions - exactly the thing that repeats this cycle! Dreaming beyond my current stall out tends to be a mental escape. 

10. Going to the store - really this is an excuse to drive. I think it's because I want to clear my head and sing along to my music. It can sometimes really unlock my brain or else remove me even further from the object of procrastination. 

What are your methods of procrastination?