Thursday, June 12, 2014

Thursday Confessional #1 - 10 Ways I Tend to Procrastinate

Clearly, right now I should be painting - my blog has been too long neglected to have any other reason for my sudden interest. Right now I'm on the homestretch of my Wycliffe works but I'm super struggling to keep motivated this afternoon. 

Oftentimes while I'm painting I think of future blog posts, then I rarely post them because I'm behind on my painting. I've started writing them down though - this summer I am going to really strive to dip my toes back into the online world again. Today's post could be considered part of that or some serious procrastination. You pick.

Top Ten Ways I Tend to Procrastinate:

1. Check Facebook, Email, Twitter (Repeat) - it is amazing how easily I can suck away the hours cycling endlessly through these three things. Even when it's a nice day so the rest of the world is out enjoying it except sad old me. 

2. Drink large volumes of tea and sparkling water - similar to the online cycling, this tends to start its own vortex of non painting busyness. 

3. Prepare food and/or eat food - I can always tell I've had a blocked day of painting, dinner tends to be extra made from scratch and meticulously prepared. I also tend to stand at my counter shoveling hummus or hand cut salsa on crackers until full or guilty. Or both. 

4. Organize emails or photos - not a bad thing, but totally something I'm never interested in doing at any other time. 

5. Garden - if I succumb to this, I'm not coming back to the paints that day. At least I finally admit this. We have a manual push mower and you'd be surprised how often I'm willing to cut the grass when I'm not into painting. Same goes for weed pulling. 

6. Trim and paint my toenails - I'm not an ultra girly girl but if the canvas ain't speaking to me it's amazing how fast I take an interest in upkeep of the toes.

7. Clean out stuff - part of the whole "looking busy" oeuvre, this is a personal favorite. Pull apart a closet and then not very sadly realize I can't return to painting that day if I'm to have it cleaned up on time. 

8. Floss my teeth - not sure what is more embarrassing, the water thing, the toenail thing or the flossing thing. I'm all about forcing myself into the bathroom I guess. Can't see the paintings from there. 

9. Start looking for calls for submissions - exactly the thing that repeats this cycle! Dreaming beyond my current stall out tends to be a mental escape. 

10. Going to the store - really this is an excuse to drive. I think it's because I want to clear my head and sing along to my music. It can sometimes really unlock my brain or else remove me even further from the object of procrastination. 

What are your methods of procrastination? 

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