Thursday, June 19, 2014

Thursday Confessional #2 - 5 Art Products That Have Let Me Down

1) Soft Pencil Crayons and all Conté ever invented - you break too much. That makes me super grumpy to have a favorite colour rendered useless because of an unfortunate jostle that splinters a lead. Not to mention the endless finding of brightly coloured slivers in my tool box. For something so expensive you sure are useless. Like the art product version of a reality show celebrity.

2) Easels - when I was in high school we made/were given a basic wooden easel. 3 2x4's, a hinge, some chain, dowels and a board. Simple. I still use mine 20 years later. While I need to confess I've never purchased an easel, I've inherited several not to mention having to use ones provided by a venue, but I just don't like to fiddle. If it's huge, I use my high school easel, if it fits on my kitchen table... I paint it flat.

3) Brush Tip Markers and Pens - is it a pen? Is it watercolour? No! It's a product that doesn't behave as well as either of those, costs way more and is incredibly tricky to bring a piece of artwork to something higher than an amateurish level. Plus you tend to splay your bristles and dry out too fast. 

4) Expensive Paint Brushes - this is more about me than about nice brushes... Giving me a nice brush is like giving fine chocolate to someone without a sense of taste. I don't appreciate them and I for sure won't take care of them. 

5) Fine Art Spray Paint - gah. This has been a recently building pet peeve. I wanted to like you, I really really did. You clog FAR too much, I've spent more on caps from head shops than I care to admit because I wanted to like you. Is it your high grade pigment? Is it a case of you jumping into a product you weren't ready to? I like slumming it with non professional, highly toxic, super non archival hardware store paint far too much to ever repent. I noticed you were on clearance pricing at Michael's... As much as I like a deal, I will not be stocking up. 

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