Thursday, June 26, 2014

Thursday Confessional #3 - Music I've Listened To So Much While Painting I'm Embarrassed

This one constantly embarrasses me... I can easily listen to an album over and over (even just a song) if it fits the painting I am working on. If I look at my phone, I can easily see what music I'd need to take to a dessert island if I had any hope of creating anything ever again. 

In no particular order:

1. Belle and Sebastian - I will always sing along, maybe even dance a little too. 

2. Interpol - hey they have songs that are Viking in flavour. 

3. Anonymous 4 - if it's raining, this is on the player. 

4. Grizzly Bear - always makes me feel a little cooler. 

5. Mumford and Sons - not so much lately, but woah I had a phase last year...

6. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - long time favorite - seeing them live this week! 

7. Radiohead - I will put all their albums on and I'm set for hours. 

8. Local Natives - gah. I can't seem to get enough of these guys lately. 

9. Sufjan Stevens - I wish he knew how many hours I've gotten through listening to his music. BQE and Christmas music included. 

10. The National - I'm a little obsessed with these guys to be honest. I've had days where this is on the headphones for a run, then plugged into the car, the into the docking station, wash, rinse, repeat. 

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magali said...

Just read this to my BF, he is a music looper too, especially while painting. I can't loop ;-)