Thursday, July 24, 2014

Thursday Confessional #7 - 5 Embarrassing Stats About My Blog

One thing that I've always struggled with in my online presence is finding my sweet spot with my "voice". There is such a temptation to do two things as an artist. First is to present the "my life chasing my muse is so much better than anything Pinterest can throw at you" side where everything is positive and filled with success. The other side is to not communicate at all beyond a crisp website filled with education, a complicated artist statement and somewhat autonomous paintings. 

I am neither of these. I tend to fluctuate wildly from over extended hubris to complete unworthiness, usually in the span of one conversation. I'm drawn to people online who are okay with their reality enough that they can dig under the veneer a little to share where they are really at. I'm actually not always okay with myself that much but I am okay with pushing myself to try things. 

So in another effort in transparency, I give you this week's confessional. 5 Embarrassing stats about my blog:

1) When I look at my stats, currently I am rocking referrals from a dating website, a Halloween website and a website about diabetes. Why are people (or more likely, "person") visiting? Who knows. I've gotten linked to some weird stuff over the years and I learned long ago not to click on strange sites that are sending me lots of visitors. 

2) When I say "lots of visitors" I mean "not very many visitors". My prime audience is from Facebook so that means that mainly my friends visit my blog. I do not command a huge audience. Like average page views on a day where I don't post can be anything from 0 - 30. Days where I post can go up over a hundred but it has to be particularly gripping. In the world of blogging "up over a hundred" is kind of like saying "almost zero".

3) The number one painting that has ever been viewed on my blog is actually a study. It didn't take very long either. It's just a popular subject for google searches: crows. I think it gets pinned on Pinterest and that is where the hits are coming from. 

4) Speaking of crow paintings, people have found my site almost twice as many times searching the term "crow painting" than they have from searching my name. People don't really google me much I guess. *humbling*

5) My all time, number one post ever is about Masonite. Like knock the ball out of the park popular compared to other posts. I think it is because not many people had written about the artistic use of it at the time so I was considered an internet expert. My claim to fame, I guess.


Brian Miller said...

I know the feeling. My number one post is an anti-narcotics rant facetiously titled, "A real zombie apocalypse in our future". I guess zombies remain hugely popular even though I don't enjoy anything related to zombies. Well, there was one "Castle" episode that featured a "zombie walk" that always makes me smile, but I'll never be a fan of "The Walking Dead".

I stumbled across your blog accidentally, just another random internet vagabond wandering through the back allies and hidden corners of cyberspace.

Michelle Wiebe said...

Thanks for stopping by, Brian!