Thursday, July 03, 2014

Thursday Confessional #6 - 5 Behind the Scenes Realities When I Make Art

Keeping the confessional light this week. My brain is fried from the heat and the eventual realization of "Whoa, I just finished a massive project and man is my house mired in chaos." Had a fun time this week catching up with an artist friend, just talking shop and a few of these came up. I'll start by confessing that I giggle a little when I say "my studio" because it is not glamourous as people would probably imagine in their heads. 

1. I paint in my kitchen. The light is best here and I feel like I am still part of the family during a long stretch. My house is not overly huge, we do not have a decent space to dedicate to an actual fancy studio. Maybe when my kids move out, but I'm in no hurry for that phase of life. 

2. I cannot paint unless my kitchen is clean. Partly for practical reasons, bowls and brushes don't mix (I have a hard enough time not dipping my brush into my coffee) partly because I just can't. I have a weird emotional block that requires more than tidy. I need sprayed down counters, swept floors and all clutter put in it's place. Best time to visit me is after I'm done a day of painting. 

3. I find doing real painting very, very hard when people are around. I can do basic layout painting or I can paint for show (where I've rehearsed the real painting in private) when people are around but there is a certain part of me I can't release until I'm by myself. I also know people like to see artists working, so if you've been around while I'm doing that, I must really like you. 

4. I like to sing when I paint. This ties in nicely with number 3. I think my kids are starting to be okay with me doing the majority of my painting away from them for this reason. Weird. 

5. Kinda sad but true, 95% of my art supplies that I use on a regular basis fit in the above pictured rolling trolly cart. My paints, mediums, brushes and Lino stuff all fit neatly in this bad boy. Of course I have a pathetic stash in my basement of totally random, barely used stuff, but no one is perfect!

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