Monday, August 25, 2014

Retreat - Planning My Next Steps

Currently, I am on a two night retreat at a friend's place in the foothills of Alberta. It is a feast for the senses and just what I needed. Last year I came here at the beginning of the Wycliffe project to just think, rest and plan. This year's trip is no different.

I am actively planning out my next steps on this journey back into the art world. I've been getting good at figuring out what I don't want to do, now is the time to figure out what I want to focus on for the next few months as well as what new things I want to try.

I started with a little foray into en plein air painting today. It was awesome. After spending so long in my studio painting from photographs, this was a particularly exhilarating challenge. I will be heading back out on the property to do some sketching today as well.

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